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In the framework of the Cliderm project, Centre of Excellence in Dermatology, Dr. Pierre Vereecken provides consultations:
In his home office, 8 Avenue Nellie Melba, in B-1070 Bruxelles(Anderlecht), near Parc Astrid,
On the boundary between Etterbeek, Schaerbeek, and Woluwe, at 207-209 Boulevard Reyers, in B – 1030 Brussels (next to Square Vergote) with all the new technologies available (Cliderm Central Medical Office)

Consultations and minor procedures can be done at each of these sites. The Cliderm Central Medical Office brings together advanced technologies at its main office. You can make an appointment by calling, or by leaving a message or SMS at:

 +32 497 47 77 77 or his secretary at   +32 2 792 62 22

You can also request an appointment by sending him an email at:

– register via his electronic calendar:

Information for OTAN personnel

Exclusive consultation for OTAN personnel.

Expat Medical Center (EMC) NATO

Boulevard Léopold III

1110 Brussels

Information for practitioners

Dr. Pierre Vereecken is the founder of the European Institute for Dermatology Practice and Research whose objective is to improve and disseminate dermatology information to practitioners (General Practitioners and Specialists, caregivers and caregiver assistants, beauticians, estheticians, physiotherapists, and dentists).

Are you a practitioner and have questions during your consultation? Or do you want to refer a patient? Do you want to set up a “GLEMS” meeting (Groupes pour l’évaluation de la pratique médicale) to discuss a dermatology subject? Feel free to contact me.

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